Not to Be Missed! Star Wars Weekends at Disney World

Not Just for Kids

Children of the 70s and 80s have been rejoicing over the infusion of Star Wars EVERYTHING into their favorite parks. The merchandise! The clothing! The Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios park!

The newest edition to our collection of Awesome Disney Stuff

The newest edition to our collection of Awesome Disney Stuff

In 2012 and 2013, Disney travelers got to experience the first ever Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. That’s right. Entire weekends devoted just. To. Star Wars. Face it, your inner nerd is going crazy right now. Of course they were phenomenal, and of course they were a hit, so of course they’re back for 2014!

Dates for 2014’s Star Wars Weekends:

  • May 16th – 18th
  • May 23rd – 25th
  • May 30th – June 1st
  • June 6th – June 8th

So what makes these weekends a Not-To-Be-Missed event?

Actual. Star Wars. Actors.
That’s right. Your 6 year old daughter melted your heart when she was SO excited to meet Merida, right? Well now it’s her turn to watch in awe as her mommy and daddy turn into kids jump up and down to get an autograph from one of their favorite Star Wars actors. In 2013, Star Wars celeb meet-and-greets included:

  • Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar)
  • Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett)
  • Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian)

And of course, you can meet other favorite characters including Chewie, Stormtroopers, R2-D2, Vader Goofy, Jedi Mickey, and a whole host of others!

Un. For. Gettable.

Un. For. Gettable.

Special Events in Past Years

Jedi Training Academy – Throughout the day children 12 and under can hone their Lightsaber skills at the Jedi Training Academy. Parents will watch as their little Jedi Knights test their wits before the Jedi Council in the Padawan Mind Challenge—and even prepare to battle Darth Vader himself!

Star Wars Themed Shows – SWW guests have experienced such one-of-a-kind performances and shows as Obi-Wan and Beyond, Padawan Mind Challenge, and the Stars of the Saga Talk Show and Q&A Session!

Hyperspace Hoopla – This show has rave reviews from Disney park lovers. Disney Tourist Blog’s Tom Bricker says the Hyperspace Hoopla is  “A hilarious, snarky, and well orchestrated show” that is “rife with pop-culture references” and “a real hoot overall”.

Special Star Wars Parade – Called the Star Wars Motorcade, this parade winds through Hollywood Studios park. Show up at least 20 minutes early to get a good view of this wildly popular spectacle!

Walt Disney World May 2012 221-M

Participation in these magical and immersive Star Wars experiences requires only Hollywood Studios park admission! Now is the time to book that Disney vacation for the spring! It only takes $200 to make your reservation, then you can pay it off in time before your trip.  Contact me for your free quote and make 2014 unforgettable! | 972-763-5567 |


Your Thoughts

Have you been ever been to a Disney World Star Wars Weekend? What did you think? Would you want to visit Disney World during this event? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section!

Holiday Disney Giveaway: Silas’s Saga Edition

The Season of Giving – And Giveaways!

You guys. Christmas is two. Weeks. Away. Isn’t it funny how the holiday season is sort of the official yardstick for how fast time is moving? When we’re little, those two weeks until Christmas feel as long as the full year until next Christmas. But by the time we’re grown-ups, those two weeks feel more like a few minutes, and it’s so hard to believe that it’s “already” Christmas again! I’m all too familiar with that feeling of dread that washes over late shoppers when we reach this point in December and then realize how many people aren’t crossed off our shopping lists yet! Yikes!

Fear not, though, Disney lovers and friends of Disney lovers. It’s holiday giveaway time.

giveaway 1mickey giveaway 2mickey giveaway 3








Win this! Win this! Win this!

It’s a one-of-a-kind painted wooden canvas with a popular quotation from your hero and mine, Walt Disney! Oh, and of course the Mouse himself! I do want to point out that this is not something produced by or affiliated with this Walt Disney Company and the Mickey Mouse image is property of the Walt Disney Company, not me. But it’s really freakin cool! And you could own it and hang it on your wall! Or give it to the Mickey Mouse fan in your life………. Or not. I won’t tell if you keep it.

This little piece of Disney themed décor was created specially by the extremely talented and fabulous Melly Brown in her incredibly limited spare time. I am very appreciative that she took the time out to do this project for me, so as a little thank you to her, I wanted to share with yall her heartwarming and inspiring  story about her sweet little boy Silas.

Silas’s Saga

si 2


Silas, who is 2 and a half, suffered a brain injury during birth which caused him to have, among other things, Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, one of the most severe forms of CP. This diagnosis means all 4 of Silas’s limbs are affected by hypertonia causing stiff, jerky movement, abnormal development of motor skills, and lack of voluntary muscle control. Si also has epilepsy, tracheal malaysia, and severe developmental delays. He spent the first 16 days of his life in the hospital. Doctors and specialists said that Silas would never walk or talk… and so the Brown family set out to prove them wrong!

Feeding tubes, surgeries, daily schedules loaded with therapies and nurses and doctors, weeks at a time in the hospital, special limited diets, and meds on meds on meds have all been part of Silas’s life since he was born. But no matter what, the family has ALWAYS stayed so very positive, always posting photos on their Facebook page with great big smiles on everyone’s faces, cheerful updates with all of Silas’s little (and huge!) victories even on the hardest days, “thank you”s and unending gratitude for everyone who has supported them. Despite the long, tough, uncertain road they’ve already traveled, and the difficult path ahead of them, Melly, her husband, and Silas are infectiously upbeat, active in the special needs community, and always spending their limited free time helping others.

Melly and her husband have worked so tirelessly to do everything they can to improve their son’s quality of life. Silas goes to hippotherapy, swim therapy, and a special Osteopath to improve his muscle functions, and is tube fed a ketogenic diet to keep seizures at bay. The Browns have recently discovered the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute, which teaches the MNRI Method of therapy. I cannot even begin to pretend to be an expert on what this therapy involves, but I do know that it has been a life-changing experience for Silas and his parents. After just one weekend of MNRI therapy, Silas had experienced an enormous transformation, kicking habits his parents had been trying to wean him from for months, responding to a game of peek-a-boo for the first time, and bearing weight on his hands and knees!

A year ago, the family was celebrating days where Silas only had two, three, or even six, seizures. Today, the little man can do things like support his own weight in a sitting position, hold a marker and draw with some help from Mama, and has even made amazing strides toward crawling!


So as you can probably tell, I love following this family’s story. They really make you believe that anything is possible. I truly believe that Silas will be able to do things his parents were told he would never do, and it’s because of the unending love and support his mom and dad give him every day, their never-give-up attitude, and the massive support of the community around them.

To see some adorable pictures and follow along with Silas’s progress, check out the Silas’s Saga website and Facebook fan page. If you would like to make a donation to Silas to help the family continue his many therapies, including the incredible MNRI therapy, they have a bunch of different neat items you can purchase, or you can easily make a straight donation! Due to popular demand from Si’s fans (One Direction has nothing on this little guy!), the family has posted a Christmas gift list made up of toys, warm winter clothes, and therapy items that will all make a big difference for the family.

I would highly encourage reaching out to the Brown family or any other special needs family that has touched you this season. Silas is living proof of what kind of a difference can be made in someone’s life, no matter what the diagnosis, when a community gets together to provide support.

Oh, right, so the giveaway! Here’s how you enter to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post… any comment! (Though hopefully something nice!)
  • Like my Facebook page, or post a comment on my wall
  • Make any purchase from the Saga Store, or make any donation to the family for two entries!

Looking forward to giving this great piece away to a lucky Mickey lover out there. And as always, if there is anything I can do to help you plan or book your next Disney travel, get in touch whichever way is convenient for you! Happy holidays everyone! || || 972-763-5567

Disney Travel Packages 101: Disneyland Resort Accommodations Sale

Tomato, tomahto

The debate between fans of Disney World and fans of Disneyland has long been an epic battle. Both sides are incredibly loyal to their “home park,” and neither will concede that the other could have a point! In the end, it really just comes down to a matter of style. Do you prefer a smaller park that you can visit during a long weekend getaway, or would you rather pack your bags and relocate your family for a week? Either way… you can’t lose when you’re at one of the happiest places on Earth!

If you would like to join in the battle of the Disney parks, or maybe just do some further research into the subject, 2014 is going to be a great opportunity for you to do so. It’s not very often that Disneyland has a great sale or travel package available…. and now is one of those rare moments! Save up to 25% on your Disneyland resort accommodations when you visit the park between January and early April of 2014!

Three Remarkable Options

It’s one thing to tell you in brief about the travel packages that are available, but short descriptions alone could leave you wondering what exactly you get and how much you’re really saving. So since I love my readers, clients, and the whole family that is Disney travel enthusiasts, I thought I would do a series to really break down the Disney packages that are available now! Below is an in-depth analysis of this rare and valuable opportunity to save big bucks on your Disneyland resort stay!

Get Your Happy On

For my readers out there who are unfamiliar with Disneyland and its resort hotel options, a quick summary. Resort guests can enjoy the Disney quality experience at:

  • The Grand Californian Hotel & Spa: This hotel provides travelers with the best in premium accommodations and rich dining experiences, steeping its guests in the majestic beauty of California. The Napa Rose restaurant offers award-winning gourmet meals while the Storybook Cafe provides hearty homestyle favorites plus the opportunity to dine with popular characters at the Chip’n’Dale Critter Breakfast. Choose from a selection of deluxe studio rooms up to 2-bedroom villas. When you’re not at the parks, you can relax in one of three sparkling pools, or the Bali-inspired Mandala Spa.
    And none of those features are even the best part: this hotel has an exclusive entrance that leads directly from the hotel into the Disney California Adventure park! I love the Contemporary at Walt Disney World with the monorail running right through it, but I do have to say, a private park entrance is a pretty awesome amenity!


  • The Disneyland Hotel: While the Grand Californian celebrates the spirit of everything wonderful California has to offer, the Disneyland Hotel embodies the old-time magic of the original park when it first opened in 1955, but with a modern twist! This hotel, with its nostalgic elements and unexpected contemporary delights, is a great option for those who still believe in the innocence and magic of the early days of Disney. Guest rooms are spacious and include surprises like Sleeping Beauty Castle light-up headboard above the beds along with spectacular views of the pools, resort, or the city below.
  • Paradise Pier Hotel: Like its two companions, Paradise Pier exemplifies something special about the California experience. This hotel represents the carefree spirit of the southern coast, evoking the feeling of beachfront boardwalks and the warm seashore. And can you say rooftop pool? The third-floor pool deck includes California Screamin’, a water slide inspired by roller coasters, plus a whirlpool spa and a wading area for little ones. Dine with Mickey and co at the Surfs Up! Breakfast, and enjoy beautiful views of Disney California Adventure park, the pools, or the surrounding cityscape!

SoCal Calls

With this special Disneyland package, you can enjoy any of the three hotels described above at a hugely discounted price! This deal is perfect for anyone who loves the Disney quality, but may want the opportunity to spend some time at the some of the other options and attractions Southern California has to offer, such as Universal Studios and Hollywood!

For those intent on spending as much time immersed in the Disney magic as they can possibly muster, you can get great savings by booking a full Disneyland travel package, complete with theme park tickets, accommodations at one of the award-winning hotels above, and dining. Plus when you book a total vacation package, you get some pretty cool special extras including:

  • (1) 5″x7″ PhotoPass attraction photo print and Disney Digital Download
  • Exclusive collectible pin, lanyard, and luggage tag
  • Complimentary $10 ESPN Game Card, valid at ESPN Zone at the Downtown Disney district
  • Early park entry with Extra Magic Hours || 972-763-5567 ||

To see for yourself what kind of magical experiences, and amazing value, you unlock by taking advantage of a Disneyland resort sale or vacation package, take a look at this video highlighting all the best parts of staying at a Disneyland resort hotel! I’m not a huge fan of this narrator, but please look past her bad cue-card reading skills and focus on the most important aspects of the video: the three hotels that are true travel experiences in themselves!

Take care everyone!

Weigh In Wednesday: Disney Souvenirs

We Love Stuff

The only thing Disney travel lovers love more than going on a Disney vacation is coming home from their trip loaded down with souvenirs.
I know, I know, consumerism is ugly… But don’t pretend you didn’t sleep with that Aristocats pillow pet every night for a week/month/indefinitely after your last vacation. And I’ve seen your Vinylmation collection! It’s getting out of hand; I’m supremely jealous.
So I want to know: what is your most favorite and prized Disney souvenir of all time? Double points for pics!
Here’s mine:
I have always had a weirdly fierce love for all things miniature, so of course the Olszewski Gallery of Light collection speaks straight to my soul! I have 3 of these little mini Disney movie scenes brought to life: A Starlit Bella Notte featuring Lady and the Tramp, Magic Carpet Ride featuring Aladdin and Jasmine, and my favorite, the gorgeous and poignant Magic by Moonlight above.
So it’s your turn, show off your embarrassingly huge collection of Tinkerbell figurines, or Princess Tiana merchandise! You’re in good company 😉

Disney Travel Packages 101: Play, Stay and Dine

It’s a small world, but a big job to get there!

The first time I ever went on a Disney vacation was with my fiance’s family. They, as experienced and tenured Disney travelers, had the planning process down to a science. I couldn’t believe the amount of discussion, analysis, comparison, negotiation, compromise, and yes, occasionally drama, went into the whole process! Fathers, brothers-in-law, sisters, and grandmothers all worked in collaboration to research options to be presented to the family. Which hotel would we stay at? What time of year would we go? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Years? Who would fly, and who would have to drive? How many days would be spent in the parks? What special events and restaurants would be non-negotiable? How many rooms would we need and how much would it cost?

I just tried to sit back and be agreeable, watching in awe as the matter of relaxation and fun became serious business.

Having gone on and planned several trips now, as both a visitor and a travel agent, I tooootally get it. The amount of effort, not to mention money, that goes into your Disney vacation, not to mention the fact that for most of us, the amount of time you get to spend on vacation is pretty limited, means that you want to make sure you get it exactly right and get the most out of your experience. And with so many options available for every last detail, the process can be pretty intensive.

Pick Your Package Carefully!

It’s one thing to tell you in brief about the travel packages that are available, but short descriptions alone could leave you wondering what exactly you get and how much you’re really saving. So since I love my readers, clients, and the whole family that is Disney travel enthusiasts, I thought I would do a series to really break down the Disney packages that are available now! Below is one example of a packages you can take advantage of now:

Play, Stay, and Dine

Stay at an on-resort property, such as Disney’s Port Orleans – French Quarter resort hotel; receive all the benefits of being a resort guest including:

  • Extra Magic Hours before or after the parks are open to the public
  • Refillable mug for use of unlimited beverages at your resort
  • Access to resort amenities which could include an arcade, water slides, and delivery of packages from park shops right to your hotel room
  • MyMagic+ benefits, including the new FastPass+ service
  • Souvenir luggage tags, plus free transportation on the Disney Magical Express to and from Orlando MCO airport
  • A truly immersive magical experience to make your vacation dreams come true!

But of course the reason you’re all there in the first place is to visit the parks, and your park admission is included in this package as well. Choose from a variety of ticket options, including Park Hopper passes which allow you to visit as many parks per day as you can squeeze in, or the No Expiration option, allowing you to use your allotted number of days whenever you would like… maybe saving a day for your next visit?


Port Orleans – French Quarter

While you’re enjoying the parks, you can also relax knowing that you’ve already pre-paid for most of your meals… and got a great deal on them in the meantime! This package offers deep discounts to all levels of the Disney dining plans. Your standard dining plan will entitle each guest in your party to 1 quick-service meal, 1 table service meal, and 1 snack credit per day. Plus, you can use your table service credits for an unforgettable character dining experience, such as breakfast with Stitch at the ‘Ohana Best Friends Breakfast!

A package like the one described above, quoted for a family of two adults with two children, can cost as little as $109 per person for day for accommodations, food, and park admission, all conveniently bundled together in a little box just for you. Book your Play, Stay, and Dine package any time between now and December 31st, 2013 and you can get the entire Walt Disney World experience with some great savings in January or February! Your adventure is waiting, so contact me today to get started! || 972-763-5567 ||

To see for yourself what kind of magical experiences, and amazing value, you unlock by taking advantage of the savings on a Disney dining package, take a look at this video spotlighting the wildly popular Be Our Guest restaurant:

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Time is Flying. You Should Be Cruising.

Some of you lovely readers out there may be aware that I am getting married soon! The wedding date is April 12th, which is a mere five months away. Yes, mere! I know all the wedding mags and websites like to give timelines and checklists for a 12-month engagement, and based on those it would seem like we have tons of time.

But actually, by the time April 12th rolls around, Eric and I will have been engaged for 27 months.

That’s over two years, folks.

January 16th, 2012... Feels like a minute ago!

January 16th, 2012… Feels like a minute ago!

So you can maybe see that the 5 month countdown feels more like a 5 week countdown to me!! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by! Even this time last year it seemed like the wedding was forever away, but the time has gone by in a flash.

Our extended timeline has worked out really well for us though, because now with just under half a year left until the day, we have almost everything planned out and nailed down except for a few last details. This means we can relax as we work out the last remaining items on our checklist, and look forward to the day without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. At first our families and friends gave us some flack; they couldn’t understand why we were waiting so long (especially my soon-to-be MIL!!). Everyone has totally come around to not only understand, but appreciate what a difference the extra time has made in the whole planning process!

So all this to say that I am a firm believer (and practice-er!) of the school of “it’s never to early to start planning”! And that is why I’m not remotely hesitant to share with you the 2015 Disney Cruise Line sailing itineraries!

First of all, this PDF brochure is gorgeous to look at, so there’s that. Plus, the DCL is offering so many deals, packages, and tantalizing lead rates, that it wouldn’t be totally outrageous to consider cruising once in 2014 and then again in 2015!


Disney is currently offering discounts and special extras to cruisers who book their next cruise while onboard, and trust me, people are taking advantage of these perks! The perks include:

  • A reduced deposit on 7+ night cruises
  • Up to $200 onboard credit per stateroom
  • 10% discount on room rates
  • What better way to beat your post-Disney blues than to have your next trip already lined up? 😉


    Contact me for a totally free, absolutely-no-obligation quote to find out how little 2 (two!) Disney cruises could cost you, and how much you can save by taking advantage of the great offers! And since 2015 is going to be here before we know it, why not reach out to me today? I can’t wait to hear from you and help you make Disney travel part of your 2014 (and 2015!) memories!

    Oh, and don’t forget about my holiday giveaway! Anyone can enter, plus if you book with me or transfer your existing booking, you automatically get a free gift… Consider it an early Christmas present =)

    Holiday Giveaway Time for Disney Fans!

    Please note: Disney Food Blog guides, all content contained therein, and the sample pages below are all property of the Disney Food Blog. I am not affiliated in any way with Disney Food Blog or the Disney company, though I am big fans of both =)

    I have a friend whose family won a house in a sweepstakes.

    To me, that is incredible. I almost never win anything! Not in sweepstakes, not on scratchoffs, not at pub trivia or blog giveaways. But the fact that I know someone who won an ACTUAL HOUSE has inspired me, probably forever, to keep entering contests.

    And now it’s time for me to give back and provide the opportunity for someone else out there, maybe someone else who never wins, to be a winner for a day!

    It’s G I V E A W A Y  T I M E what what!

    I have this really cool giveaway planned that I don’t want to spoil yet, but it’s still in the works, so while that is brewing I’ve got another giveaway trick up my sleeve for the holiday season!

    So I know if you’re a Disney fan, you probably know (and love) They’re really the authority on all things Disney dining! And I also know that you, as a Disney fan, have at least one memory of something amazing you ate while on a Disney vacation. Or maybe you have lots of memories of lots of amazing dining experiences and can’t wait to discover more!

    I hear you, friend. And so, with you in mind, I am excited to give away the Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2013!

    In case you’re not already familiar with this book, it’s a 400+ page e-book that contains reviews of each restaurant on the property, along with money-saving tips, Dining Plan advice and information, and hints on how and where to get the best values! It also comes with a couple of bonus guides, including 7 samples of one-day dining itineraries to inspire your plan of eatery attack. The guide itself has some great reviews from owners of other popular Disney blogs and websites. Plus, the fact that it’s an e-book means you can download it immediately rather than waiting for shipping, and you can carry it on your iPad or tablet!

    DFBSnacks-Chapter-Page DFBIce-Cream-and-Candy-Shops DFBLounges

    Honestly, I’m kind of jealous of you, lucky winner out there.

    Oh, and if you book your Disney vacation through me, I’ll also throw in a DFB Guide to the Walt Disney World Holidays 2013… no entry required!

    I’m basically like Santa.

    So come on! Enter to win! I mean, maybe it’s not a house, but it’s still fun to win stuff =) There are 3 ways to enter:

    1. Comment on this post with your favorite Disney dining or holiday experience (if you’ve never been, just say hello!)
    2. Share my Facebook giveaway announcement (give me a like while you’re on my page!)
    3. Retweet my Twitter giveaway announcement (and I wouldn’t say no to a follow!)

    Every entry will be given a number and I will use a random number generator to select the winner, so you can enter more than once  if you want more chances! Hoping to hear from lots of folks about their Disney favorites! Good luck!!


    Southern California Beckons…

    So I know that here at the Memories Ever After blog I do tend to “harp on” a bit about Orlando’s Walt Disney World. For that, to you west coast folks, I do apologize.

    I mean, you can’t deny that WDW is kind of where it’s at, with 4 parks, 30+ hotels, dining and shopping for days… But still. Very unfair of me.

    But it’s here! It’s finally here! The Disneyland deal you and I and all our west coast friends have been wishing and hoping for!

    A sale on Disneyland Resort accommodations!!

    That means you can save on stays at the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier, and yes, the Grand Californian with its private California Adventure Park entrance… We’re talking Cars Land in your backyard, folks.

    This sale, which will run through January 28th of 2014, is valid for 25% off your accommodations most dates between January 5th and April 10th. I imagine there may be a Spring Break week in March that is excluded due to heavy travel volumes, and Friday and Saturday nights may be excluded as well (boooo), BUT it’s still an amazing offer that will save guests some piles of money!

    So contact me for a quote – my quotes are extra free and extra no-obligation! Make Disney travel part of your 2014 memories with a discounted stay at SoCal’s Disneyland, and let me help you get there! :: :: 972-763-5507

    You’ll Call It Amazing

    I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this post than with a video. I’m just not good enough with words to be able to describe today’s featured location in a way that could do it justice, but I thought the video would speak for itself.

    Have you heard of Aulani? It’s a new Disney resort on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and, as you can well see from that 1 minute and 9 second video of breathtaking spectacular-ness, it is an experience its’ guests will not forget.

    Aulani (which, by the way, is a Hawaiian word meaning “the one who delivers a message from a higher authority”, or “the messenger of a chief”) is a blend of the best of two worlds; it’s not a park, and it’s not just a resort and spa.


    People who have experienced and loved the true immersive magic of the Disney parks will be excited by the character dining opportunities at Aulani. Those who like a little variety in their travel may be pleased to find out the resort is a part of the Disney Vacation Club! Parents will love Aunty’s Beach House, where they can drop off the kiddos for  night of arts and crafts, storytelling, video games, Disney movies, and more Youth Counselor-guided activities… while mom and dad spend some quality “adult time” at the 18+-only Wailana Pool. Angsty teenage daughters will delight at Painted Sky, the only teen spa in Hawaii! Or, even better, spending some girl time with Mom at Kula Wai, the only outdoor hydrotherapy garden on O‘ahu.

    And when (more like “if”) you get tired of the spas and the 8,200 square feet of pools that include two slides and a lazy river, guests can go on excursions, see shows, play golf, and, of course, shop! Excursions, which are operated by outside vendors, include kayaking, hiking and horseback riding through the indescribably gorgeous Hawaiian landscape. Mmmm….. Hawaii…. *ahem* sorry, I’m back.


    The way a Disney park makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a world where storybook princesses are real, that’s the same way a stay at Aulani will make you feel like immersed in Hawaiian culture. Take a stab at learning the hula or Hawaiian language, or enjoy a cooking class, all taught by local experts who will help you celebrate the people, art and history of the islands through the magic of Disney.

    So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start living your Hawaiian AND Disney vacation dreams at the same time! Call me, email me, text me, Facebook me or send a carrier pigeon (or owl, if you’re a Harry Potter fan… Universal Studios anyone?) for a quote and to start planning the trip of a lifetime! :: :: 972-974-6465

    “Intro to Disney” Travel Package Unveiled!

    Hi all!

    Have you heard yet about the “Intro to Disney” package? It’s a new Walt Disney World travel package with incredible value! It’s perfect for a family who really want to get that amazing Disney experience without having to start planning this year for next year’s trip 😉

    …Hey, I’ve been there! There’s no shame in it!

    But this new “Intro” package has everything you want in a WDW vacation – resort accommodations, dining plan, and park admission – for a super low price. Here are the details you need to know!

    Book between now and December 31st for travel between January 5th, 2014 and February 12th, 2014.The package includes 3 nights at your choice of Disney resort hotel, 2-day Magic Your Way park admission tickets, and a Quick Service dining plan!
    The promotional price Disney has put out is $999 for a family of 3 staying at a Value resort, based on 2 adults and 1 child between 3 and 9 years old!

    At that price, we’re talking about just over $100 per day per person for accommodations, food and park admission! I don’t know if I could make a trip to my local Six Flags for that price!

    For more details (in a cute flier!) click here! And, since you know I love a video, check out this fun video! It’s an overview of Walt Disney World, and it’s amazing to watch whether you’re still dreaming of your first visit, or if you’re an expert who can’t wait to go back =)

    For a quote involving this or any other current Disney travel special, contact me, Amie, at, through my Facebook fan page, or at 972-763-5567! I can’t wait to hear from you!